1. Introduction

  2. Anarchists in the Library

    1. Some Assumptions about Libraries

    2. The Shock of Exclusion

    3. Open to All: Preserving Library Values in a Digital World

    4. Adhocracy and the Transformation of Libraries

    5. You Are Not a Tinker Toy

    6. Encoded: Gender, Technology, and Libraries

    7. Intellectual Freedom and the Library as a Workplace

    8. UVa, the Cult of Change, and the Uses of Fear

    9. What Libraries Should Be: A Values Proposition

    10. Ordinary Americans

    11. Un-American Affairs

    12. Taking a Longer View

    13. Present Imperfect, Future Tense

    14. The Price of "Free"

    15. The Library Isn't Flat

    16. The Everything Library

    17. Disruption and the Value of Small Things

    18. Learning to Do Research the Hard Way

    19. Moments and Monuments

    20. Get Cracking

    21. Rent Control

    22. Privacy for the Public

  3. Libraries and Learning

    1. Argument, Inquiry, and Learning to Value Evidence

    2. Information Ethics, Blogging, and the Non-Fiction Novel

    3. Undergraduates in the Library, Trying Not to Drown

    4. In the Teeth of the Evidence

    5. Why the "Research Paper" Isn't Working

    6. Second Thoughts: The Value of Research Papers

    7. Sources of Confusion

    8. Burke's Parlor Tricks

    9. The Language of Libraries

    10. Robo-Research, Robo-Writing

    11. The Illogical Complexity of the Walled-Garden Library

    12. Tacit Knowledge and the Student Researcher

    13. When It Doesn't Look Like Justice

  4. Knowledge as a Public Good

    1. Open Access and the Library's Missing Mission

    2. Rethinking Research "Productivity"

    3. No Problem!

    4. Women and Wikipedia

    5. Dispatches from the Future

    6. Prepare to Repel Researchers!

    7. Breaking News: Academic Journals are Really Expensive!

    8. The Revolution Will Not Be Subscription-Based

    9. Occupy Knowledge: It's Ours, After All

    10. I'm Not Buying It

    11. The Austere Academy

    12. Enlighten Me

    13. As If Lives Depended On It

    14. The AHA Asks "What About the Children?"

    15. Superstars, Serfs, and Scholars

    16. Open Access, Tenure, and the Common Good

    17. The Sting

    18. Libraries Beyond Borders: Rethinking Community

    19. The New Interlibrary Loan

    20. Maciej Ceglowski's Internet Repair Kit

    21. Determining Our Tech

  5. Books, Reading, Culture, and Society

    1. Another Fine Mess: Patterson, Amazon, and the Commodification of Reading

    2. The Myth of the Bookless Library

    3. Getting Rid of Books: A Heresy

    4. The End of the Twilight of Doom

    5. Stacks and Awe

    6. Throwing the Books at Each Other

    7. Breaking Taboos for All the Right Reasons

    8. Resisting Amazonification

    9. Reading Between the Lions

  6. Online Reading Communities

    1. Reading Together Online: Getting Personal

    2. “Reading as a Contact Sport”: Online Book Groups and the Social Dimensions of Reading

    3. Culture Shock: When Goodreads and LibraryThing Collide

    4. Finding the Right Book

    5. Goodbye, FriendFeed

    6. What Book Bloggers Have to Say

    7. Dorothy-L: An Interview with Diane Kovacs

    8. Platforms and the Shape of Reader Participation

    9. Readers Respond to Online Reading Communities

    10. Authors Interacting With Readers Online

    11. Sharing Reading in 140 Characters

    12. Goodreads and the Commodification of the Reading Self

    13. Reading and Writing Together Online: Exploring Wattpad